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 * G o r s e *
Drums/art work/occassional vocals for post metal heavy noise trio. Check Gorse facebook for details of live   dates and news:  /Gorse/181557735215448  Listen via bandcamp   

* D o o m a n     E m p i r e *                                                                                                               
Drums/artwork for improvising psych doom power triad. Details of next live show + listen here:               
* B r i g h t o n   C o n s o r t  *
Soprano with choir performing choral and sacred music. For details of our next concert and tickets see Brighton Consort website  

* N u n c   e t   T u n c  *                                                                                                                               
Soprano with SATB quartet, performing Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque choral polyphony.
For bookings and enquiries please email or send message via facebook: 

*  G l y n n    C i c a d a *     
Drums with experimental, progressive musician guitarist Glynn Cicada. Listen to Glynn's music on bandcamp 

* W i l d    N e r v e s *
Poetry, performance and music collaboration with poet Lisa Jayne. Here on bandcamp
*  K a t y    P e n d l e b u r y *
Sound, music and performance collaboration with dance artist and filmmaker Katy Pendlebury.
See Katy's work 

E l l e n    S o u t h e r n    E n s e m b l e *
Percussion/voice for composer and performance artist Ellen Southern. Visit Ellen's website:     


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