Edible Creations 

Above - Dairy free mini chocolate cupcakes with lemon vanilla cream icing and hand carved Belgian chocolate and gold decorations.

I have been baking since the age of four, inspired by my mum and her (now my) copy of the Good Housekeeping Compendium. I work primarily with cocoa, sugar and chocolate to create pieces ranging from chocolate hand writing, jewellery, paintings, sculpture, cakes and sweets. I use traditional processes, techniques and skills from baking and the fine arts to create multi sensory and edible art which is temporary but which has a lasting memory.
My work is given as gifts, shown as live art installations and performance.

 Chocolate is cheaper than paint
Chocolate is a fantastic material to work with. I use techniques such as tempering, carving, piping and moulding combined with techniques used in cake decorating, drawing, painting and ceramics to create edible art. I am attracted to medieval and renaissance metal work,
wood work, embroidery, ceramics, painting and calligraphy. I attempt to mimic the decorative effects found in these arts and crafts using chocolate and sugar.  I make everything by hand.  Chocolate has universal and muliti sensory appeal. It melts at body temperature, making it difficult to handle but perfect for a melt in the mouth taste explosion.



The words in the picture above were created for a performance piece Please eat the chocolate words. The words were served one by one onto a white tablecloth using a dessert knife/trowel. The session was specifically concerning non verbal ways of communicating, in the context of teaching/facilitating. The chocolate words are an example of non verbal communciation. The eating of the chocolate words is evidence the message has been communicated.
 The idea of writing with chocolate came whilst trying to find an alternative to the various icings and colourings used in cake decorating. I needed to pipe the words Happy Birthday Mum, (a request for a friend to make a Madeira cake) but wasn't happy with using icing and wanted a dark colour without using food colouring. I would usually use melted chocolate to pipe intricate details on sweets and biscuits.The fluidity of melted chocolate is akin to paint and ink. The molten chocolate flows fast, the movement of your hand denotes the line and to avoid puddles and pools of chocolate, your hand has to move swiftly.


Above - A birthday gift for a friend. Bitesize vegan chocolate cupcakes with lemon cream icing, hand carved Belgian chocolate and gold decorations, piped chocolate letters painted gold, delivered to the doorstep, with candles. 



 Chocolate Bracelets, made from Belgian dark chocolate and edible gold paint. Designed to melt when worn. 


 Latest creation January 2014. Peanut butter and Belgian dark chocolate tart petit fours. Dairy free.

  You can see more creations here https://www.facebook.com/jennie.howell.16


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